The Dispensary


My Herbal Dispensary uses the highest quality liquid tinctures grown and produced, where possible, in New Zealand. Tinctures are a reliable method for delivered high potency phytochemicals (active herbal constituents).  Herbs are fabulous as tonics for digestive issues, to strengthen immunity, for sleep, stress and mood issues. We can also make a personalised blend to support your whole health picture.

A few select herbs are charged by the millilitre. Other prices are as follows:

100ml – $40

200ml – $60

500ml – $140

The Dispensary clinic supports several practitioner companies as part of clinic practice, and includes clinic based “Practitioner Only” health care products and support programmes and is exclusively available to qualified Health Care Practitioners. By choosing to buy from your practitioner you are ensured you are getting some of the best possible products to support your health and wellbeing.