Naturopathic Consultations

Hello, my name is Christine-Jane Wakefield. I am a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, with training in Fertility and Reproductive Health.

My goal is to guide you with your health and well being all the while supporting your body to “self heal”. I work with all types of people, and I really enjoy helping you to find energy and vitality again, work through any digestive upsets and imbalances, as well as looking at your hormones to give you the best version of you!

Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
BHSc (Comp Med) Adv. Dip Herbal Medicines and Naturopathy,

Practitioner Diploma in Fertility and Reproductive Health


In my clinic the first part of the process will involve you speaking with me, either in person or via Telehealth services. In the first appointment I ask questions related to the your symptoms and along with extra information such as diet and lifestyle habits. Once I have gathered the information I will spend some time putting together dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as nutritional and herbal supplementation, a tailor-made plan that covers short and long term health goals. If you have added a Hair Intolerance test to this process, the plan will include the report of findings from this too.

This process is different for everyone, and the frequency of appointments will be dependent on your desired goals and your treatment plan.

Restoring full health and attaining wellness is an exciting process. I am dedicated to working with you; supporting and guiding you all the way. This is a commitment that is full of rewards, including new found energy, vitality, awareness and understanding. The early stages are more intense. Over time, as you achieve your goals, you will find the process of maintaining your optimal health and wellness simply becomes the way you live your life.

What will it cost?

The first appointment is where I gather the information required to put together your personalised treatment plan.

The first appointment is $150.

After that the standard appointment is $78.

Naturopathic Consultation Package:

My consultations are a wonderful way to begin to understand your health in a whole new way. I will look at your current and past health history, diet and lifestyle factors and make a plan that puts you in charge of your health. I want you to feel amazing and feel a new way of being with taking control of your wellness now and for the future. This package includes the following:
Initial consult
Two follow up consults
Recipe E-book
Email Support

Total Value is $385 -save $50.00

Book today for $330

As with any client I see, any extra testing and supplements and/or herbal tonics are an extra investment, and will be discussed with you during your consultation.

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Extra Testing

Sometimes I need to use other tools to establish certain things in my comprehensive clinic environment. Sometimes a comprehensive blood analysis from your GP may also be requested.

There are many more functional pathology tests available, and depending on your condition and requirements they may also be suggested during your consultation with me.

Hair Intolerance Testing  $150.00. You can find information about this from the menu bar above.

Herbal medicine. Herbal tonic. Herbalist.
Blending up a herbal tonic for you is a part of the job I love!