Stress & Fatigue

Why are you so tired all the time?

If you find yourself struggling to get up in the morning or wishing you had a place at work to secretly have an afternoon nap, there’s a chance you may be stressed of suffering from fatigue or exhaustion.

There could be medical reasons contributing to you feeling tired all the time, but fatigue not related to a specific medical issue could stem from a number of causes including inadequate or interrupted sleep, poor diet, stress, depression, lack of exercise, and jet lag, hormone imbalances. This is not the exhaustive list!

Luckily, help for fatigue and stress may be found with some changes to your lifestyle, diet and prescribed herbs and supplements.

It is important to remember that this will take time. there is not a “quick fix” and the need to be kind to yourself will be important. I look forward to guiding you through your journey to better wellness.

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