Welcome! I look forward to be able to assist you. How could I help you? I am a compassionate down to earth Naturopath, and Herbalist based in Motueka.

I have worked with many people  experiencing fatigue and burnout and help them to find their energy and vitality again. I am passionate about supporting woman with balancing their hormones either for fertility, perimenopause or general wellness. 

Detoxification is another area I enjoy supporting people with. The world and environment we live in today adds stress on our bodies ability to detoxify. Let work together and get you feeling amazing!

We can do all of this via the phone or Telehealth too! In this day and age anything is possible.

I work with a combination of traditional naturopathy and western herbal medicine methods and I can use modern functional medicine – which uses pathology testing and special tests. There could be some nutrition and lifestyle guidance. I love working with flower essences assisting people with emotional symptoms to give an overall “wellness” package.

With over a decade of clinical experience, I look forward to supporting you achieve your health goals.

“Small Steps are Better Than No Steps”