“I came to see Christine-Jane as I had a lot of stress, gained weight, I had a skin thing on my hands I couldnt get rid of and I was just not feeling my best self. After doing a hair intolerance test and a detox program I am exercising again, lost those extra kilos and feel really good! I still have things to work on but now I feel so much better and can cope with things much better”

C – Tasman

We came to do the hair test with Christine-Jane, mainly for my husband and I thought I would do it as well. I was feeling tired all the time, and just not quite myself. After only a couple of weeks on the program suggested once results came back I have lost 5kg and am feeling amazing! I now know what foods upset my body, and when I need to limit them now.”

BW – Blenheim

” I never thought the foods I was eating did not agree with me! The hair test has made my digestion comfortable again.”


“Last year I did a hair test and detox program with Christine-Jane to know what foods my body doesnt like and it has changed everything for me. I don’t always eat the best, but now I know the consequences of this and I can manage it. BUT the biggest has been my mental health I was very unwell, and changing my diet and doing a detox program and understanding what foods work best for me has saved my life. I can see this really clearly now and I am doing really well. Thank you so much for helping me.”

A – Tasman

After years and years of digestive issues and pain and a lack of energy and problems with overeating, I was relieved and delighted to find in Christine-Jane a friendly, warm, knowledgeable, insightful and gentle support and naturopath and herbalist who treated all of me, that is my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies, with compassion and understanding. The very useful hair test uncovered a multitude of food intolerances. These have largely gone with a detox, I am pain free and much lighter in mind and body, and I have never felt better in my life. Heartfelt thanks. I highly recommend Christine-Jane, who came highly recommended to me by an international healer. 

PT – Christchurch

The food and environmental intolerance hair test results showed me which foods were responsible for my digestive issues and I could never have guessed black tea was giving me such a sore stomach!

Highly Recommended.

Kristine Coleman

Christine-Jane really took the time to gather a through history and see me in the context of my life in order to provide truly holistic and natural solutions healing; treating the underlying causes of the health challenges I was facing. She is compassionate, insightful, knowledgeable, professional, warm, intelligent, grounded, friendly.

Now as a counsellor I often suggest my clients explore the rich knowledge base of naturopathy in order to approach healing from as many vantage points as possible. 

You’re a Legend! 

R Todd

I was having such problems with my digestion and a sore mouth. I was also trying to lose some extra kgs and they just were not shifting.

So I decided to do a hair test. it was amazing!

I have lost those extra kilos and my mouth is longer sore.


“I have know Christine-Jane for since 2013. I find her very professional yet calming nature a real asset. 

I live at one end of the island and Christine-Jane at the other. She has always been just a phone call away, she listens, hears  and understands what I say, sometimes asking questions  and a few days later my parcel is in the mail. So effortless. 

Love dealing with this lovely lady. “


We got acquainted with Christine-Jane in September 2016. We had had two failed IVF cycles and were planning to have the third one. I decided to seek support from a naturopath because I felt there was something missing from our treatment at the fertility clinic and wanted to know how we could complement our upcoming IVF with natural treatments.

Christine-Jane developed a preconception plan for us which included a preconception diet, detoxifying as much as possible the environment we lived and worked in, detoxifying our bodies through a healthy diet and balancing hormones. The whole health plan she provided us with was aimed at improving sperm and egg quality, improving my response to IVF drugs and reducing side effects, supporting my nervous system and modulating the immune system to avoid immune rejection of the embryo. Christine-Jane is an extremely nice and very approachable person. Whenever we had any questions she was there to help us. She supported us throughout the whole journey of having our baby. Our beautiful baby girl was born in October 2017. Such professionals as Christine can help your dreams come true.

It was a real pleasure to know you and have you as the person who helped my dream come true. I do hope we’ll keep in touch and I’ll be able to have your advice as a professional. 


We chose to see Christine-Jane after difficulties conceiving & carrying a child- both naturally and with IVF.

We knew we were going to be going through IVF again in a few months time and wanted to be in the best health we could, and both give it our best shot.  Christine-Jane was very good at explaining methods and products that would help produce the best sperm & egg health.  She put up with many questions from us, and was super approachable. Christine-Jane made the possibly awkward discussions honest and fun. She gave us a comprehensive 4 month plan which we stuck to, and with the next egg collection, it had paid off – we then had 6 good quality embryos (in contrast to 1 the previous time)  We felt better and so appreciate Christine-Jane’s guidance.

While we await the arrival of our first child in a few weeks, we would totally encourage anyone thinking about seeking natural help to approach Christine-Jane you won’t regret it!

E & J

I got sick a couple of years ago with a painful neurological condition that dramatically changed how I see the world. At multiple stages in a 3 year battle I didn’t think I would be able to continue photography. My left arm, leg and chest became so sensitized that my kids couldn’t hold my hand, touch me and things like the vibration from driving was painful. It was and still can be a weird and scary time.

Christine-Jane as a Naturopath went above and beyond to help me in a really tough period of my life.

While down in the South Island over the Christmas period, I have gifted a photography shoot as my way of saying thank you for all her amazing advice and help. People like Christine-Jane make the world go around. Words can’t express what a gem she is!!!

Carissa Marsh


Dear Christine-Jane

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my family. Your support means the world to me, I don’t know what I would have done without you! You have helped me through so much in the past 3 years and I’m truly grateful. you are an incredible woman and you deserve all the happiness in the world. 

Thanks again for everything Love from Della XOX

I had an initial consult with Christine-Jane a couple years ago, when I experienced stress-related symptoms, such as adrenal fatigue and burn out. During a few sessions, she had guided me with her expertise on what would be the best way to address this in a very holistic way: my nutrition, what supplements, lifestyle changes to be made etc.

An important factor was also a detox from a heavy-metal overload in my body, which came up during a test that I have asked her to do. These measurements have supported me in getting my health & wellbeing into balance again.

I have since then recommended Christine-Jane to many of my friends and she is still my naturopath of choice and trust, when I need further supplements or advice. 5 out of 5 stars recommendation!

Chris. T. from Tasman

“I originally contacted Christine-Jane rather distraught having suffered from constant headaches and migraines. I had changed my diet completely and was exercising in hope that it would help. Alas, it did not. I met with her to discuss my options and began trialling some supplementation. After a few months, my headaches and migraines had reduced dramatically, and I could manage a normal day to day life. I had put up with it for so long that it became normal for me to suffer. It was not until meeting Christine-Jane that I realised it was not normal, at all! 

I again, along with my husband Francois, met with Christine-Jane in to discuss pregnancy. Francois and I had been wanting to have a child for a while. Since meeting with Christine-Jane I had lost 20kgs and was continuing to be healthy, but yet again, we couldn’t seem to manage to work out what we were doing wrong and why we weren’t able to have the baby we so desperately wanted. 

I was petrified to go to the doctor and have them put us on an array of chemicals to possibly help with conception, so we contacted Christine-Jane to see if she could shed some insight. I was given a specially made herbal tonic and some different nutrients to take daily, Francois was also given nutrients too. We also did a hair intolerance test, to see if any foods or environmental factors were an issue as well.  We started these straight away, and within our first cycle (one month) I was pregnant!!

Right now, I am 37 weeks pregnant and am due to have our miracle baby boy on 22nd March. Both Francois and I have been on cloud nine these entire nine months of pregnancy and have Christine-Jane to thank for that. Her understanding, caring nature, gentle approach, and world of knowledge has helped us both in ways I couldn’t even begin to describe. My headaches and migraines are non-existent, and my pregnancy has been so easy because of the help we were given by Christine-Jane. 

Christine-Jane, you are a life saver, literally. You gave me back my passion for life and the understanding that I didn’t have to live in pain. You have also given us the greatest gift we could have possibly ever asked for – A little baby to call our own.

I would recommend Christine-Jane and her work in a heartbeat. Don’t suffer in silence!”

Much love and blessings,


“Christine has a wealth of knowledge, coupled with a genuine, easy rapport with people. I’ve lost count of the amount of times she has assisted in making important natural choices for mine and my family’s health. In short, she’s simply awesome”.

Christine-Jane is an excellent Naturopath!
“I was recommended by a colleague to pay Christine a visit after suggestions of having adrenal issues. On discovering that I have adrenal fatigue Christine has proven to be invaluable to my recovery, not only because of her knowledge as a naturopathic practitioner but also her first-hand experience of unwellness and adrenal issues. Christine is empathetic, patient and a good listener. 

She comes highly recommended.
Lekshe Chodron

“I had a male client who came to me due to his fingers and hands being really itchy and sore with what he thought was just Eczema. In fact this type of small blistering is called Pompholyx and usually comes with an Eczema type condition as well.

It has an immune system link, and I would usually prescribe stress support, zinc and vitamin c as well. It is related to sweat gland malfunction as well.

I made up one of my magic creams in the dispensary using some native plants such as horopito and poroporo, the photos were taken four days apart, so you can see how quickly he got relief with his hands, he was so happy! A couple of weeks later he is still using the product, and still having great results.”



“Christine-Jane has been our savoir.  After months of trying to conceive (my first child) I decided to go with a natural health approach to my preconception care. The guidance Christine-Jane provided me and my husband in the preconception months of trying to conceive was amazing.   The natural fertility potion she provided gave my body a boost and within a month I was pregnant.

Christine-Jane is always available to help with those ‘silly’ or ‘uncomfortable’ questions and provides you with her wisdom and knowledge that gives you reassurance throughout the pregnancy too. It wasn’t a question when we were trying to conceive our second child, off I trotted to see Christine-Jane who provided me with a wonderful natural fertility potion which has resulted in my second pregnancy. We were very lucky and I owe it all to my naturopath”.

From Lisa, Daniel, Wesley and Peanut – we love you oodles xxxx

“For many years I have had what I was told was Rosacea on my face and was given many steroid creams to use on it. I had problems with my scalp, and this Rosacea was mostly on my eyelids which made it really difficult to cover up.

It made me feel very self conscious for a long time. Also I knew the steroid creams were not very good for me, and they didn’t really work that well anyway. 

I booked an appointment with Christine-Jane, and she took me through a full 6 week detox program, along with specific nutrients and herbs for my skin. After six weeks my skin was amazing! And even still now months later things are still looking really good, she has really helped change my life.
Thank you very much Christine-Jane”


“I had always had pretty good skin through my high school days. However, when I had my children, I noticed that my skin was very prone to acne. Christine-Jane suggested that I use the Living Nature range of skin care and I haven’t looked back since.

My skin is much healthier than it’s ever been and more refined. I always suffered from skin sensitivity and I love how the natural products feel on my skin. She has now got me using natural makeup which I thought would never happen in a million years, but it does just as good job as the chemical-based products, well actually it is far better!

Thank you, Christine-Jane, for making a small but forever change in the way I use skin care products. Forever grateful”.