As a woman, even form a young age, our hormones are a huge part of our lives. It governs our weekly moods, eating habits, sleep and lifestyles.

Understanding your hormones and what your body could be doing is a wonderful way to ensure you are healthy the whole way through your life.

I support woman with all stages of this cycle, young just beginning, right through o post menopause. If you feel like this is an area you need guidance addressing send me a message and lets see what we can do together.

What are the benefits of preconception health care?

The benefits of preconception health care are endless! This is the ultimate form of preventive medicine that we can practice. The benefit of preconception care means you will be more likely to have a successful healthy pregnancy, with less morning sickness, digestive issues, aches and pains and sleepless nights. An easy non-prolonged birth, with less complications or need for a medical intervention. A baby that is happy, sleeps well and feeds well. Baby will be alert and happy. In effect a “better baby!”

How long before an expected pregnancy should we practice preconception health care? Why?

Ideally it is best to practice preconception health care for 3-4 months, and longer if you can.

Sperm take 16 weeks to mature and the ovum (egg) approximately 14 weeks. If one or both of the parents have hormonal or sperm health issues, you need this time and sometimes longer to correct these issues. During this time both the sperm and the ovum could be affected by many different aspects in our lives, therefore spending the time to plan and be as healthy as we can be, will be the best gift you can give yourselves and your baby.