Do you want a new way to Detox?

Thank you for seeking the guidance of a natural healthcare practitioner on your journey to better health. Here at Christine-Jane Naturopath clinic I can offer you a new way of detoxification!

How many of you have ever done a detox and it was difficult, restrictive and was a little hard to sustain while working and still wanting to exercise? I know I have!

Welcome to the new way of Detoxification!

First of all, lets talk about the reason we might need to consider investing in a detoxification program. Did you know that your body has a very sophisticated system of detoxing involving more than just your liver? It involves your gastrointestinal tract (GIT), kidneys, skin, gall bladder and lungs.

Our bodies naturally “detox” all the time, but sometimes our specific detox organs need a little support to get the job done correctly. This is due to high toxicity in our lives. It can be from foods we eat, the environment we live or work in, heavy metal exposure and issues processing these, as well as metal and emotional toxins that in turn affect the way our body can properly eliminate metabolic wastes normally.

Traditionally when we detox and someone feels unwell, we ask them to reduce the things they are taking to support the body to clear some toxins before beginning again, but with this program we do the opposite. If you feel unwell, you take more, as there is now more to “mop” up with this amazing sponge like device you are taking during this process.

See the clip or Search on YouTube – “TOXAPREVENT Tim Animation”to understand why and how this product is going to work for you:

If this sounds like something you would like to do, don’t delay!